More than 12 markets in the world make us one of the largest exporters of fresh fruits and juices in Chile.

From the farm to your table

The extraction that is carried out in our farms for later export is strategic and above all careful, with the main objective of taking advantage of each of the nutrients and benefits that only fresh fruit can deliver. Our long history and quality endorse the level of production that our products have, since our company philosophy is that each product that reaches your table is as fresh and natural as possible.

The dedication with which we cultivate and select our products is reflected in the requirement that we have nationally and internationally.

Unmatched flavor

When the flavors manage to impregnate good moments, that for Sofruco is creating good stories. We want each memory to have a natural flavor for you, which is why we have been cultivating good quality products for years. Quality that is reflected in the smiles of our consumers after they try something 100% natural.

Because at Sofruco we know that your best moments are accompanied by laughter, conversations, hugs, games, reunions and relaxation. We appreciate being with you in each one of them, in one way or another, in a refreshing natural juice, enjoying some creamy avocados or in the sweetness of a rich dessert. In each of these healthy flavors, Sofruco accompanies you and will continue to do so with the same naturalness that only a quality product delivers.

Only the best

Our products are recognized for their unsurpassed quality, which only a land rich in minerals brings with it, giving our crops innumerable properties, healthy benefits, which achieve that natural and characteristic flavor that only Sofruco products have. Transforming it into the natural flavor preferred by Chileans and foreigners. For this reason, we invite you to enjoy the flavor of nature wherever you are.

Each export is made under the highest quality standards, so that it is in the comfort of your table.


Availability of Fresh Fruit